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Liquid Corporate Finance working with Lea Valley Growers Association members

Liquid Corporate Finance are very proud to announce that we are now working alongside Lea Valley Growers Association.


They represent hundreds of horticultural growers in the Lea Valley; often described as London’s Salad Bowl, as their members produce over 75% of Britain’s cucumbers and sweet peppers just 20 miles from Central London.

MD Joe Barbera:

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are from the times I used to go to my family’s and friend’s nurseries in the summer months. Boxes to transport cucumbers had to be hand folded back then and my cousins and I would have cuts all over our hands but lots of fun racing as to who could make the most.

Many of those have carried on the family tradition and now run their family businesses. Summer BBQ’s with our families were the norm with the men in our family always taking over the cooking, talking loudly and gesticulating wildly with their hands, as Sicilians do!

We look forward to assisting LVGA’s members with their ongoing funding requirements to purchase equipment so they can continue to supply the country with fresh produce in these trying times.


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