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Business vehicle finance refers to the financial solutions and services that help businesses acquire, upgrade, or lease vehicles for their operational needs. Whether a company needs a fleet of vehicles for transportation or specialized vehicles for specific purposes, business vehicle finance offers various options to facilitate the acquisition of these assets.

Business vehicle finance is crucial for companies that rely on vehicles for their daily operations. Choosing the right financing option depends on factors such as the type of vehicles needed, the business’s financial situation, and its long-term goals.


Key features of business vehicle finance include::

Term Loans: Similar to traditional loans, term loans provide a lump sum amount for the purchase of vehicles. The business repays the loan amount, including interest, over a specified period.

Vehicle Financing Loans: These loans are specifically tailored for the acquisition of vehicles. The vehicles themselves often serve as collateral, making the loan a secured one.

Hire Purchase: Similar to a loan, hire purchases transfer ownership to the lessee at the end of the lease term. The lessee may have the option to purchase the vehicles at a predetermined price.

Fleet Management Solutions: Some business vehicle finance providers offer comprehensive fleet management services, including maintenance, fuel management, and vehicle tracking. This can help businesses streamline their operations and reduce the administrative burden associated with managing a fleet.

Government Incentives: Some governments offer tax incentives or subsidies for businesses investing in certain types of vehicles, especially those that are environmentally friendly. Exploring these incentives can provide cost savings for businesses.

Customized Financing Packages: Lenders may provide tailored financing packages based on the specific needs of the business. This could include flexible repayment terms, balloon payments, or seasonal payment structures.

Credit Considerations: The creditworthiness of the business is an essential factor in securing favourable financing terms. A strong credit history may result in lower interest rates and more attractive financing options.

Industry-Specific Expertise: Some financial institutions specialize in providing vehicle financing solutions for specific industries, such as logistics, construction, or delivery services. These lenders understand the unique requirements and challenges of different business sectors.

  • Funding available for additional or replacement vehicles for company fleets
  • Balloon payments and VAT deferral available
  • Fund both new and used vehicles on competitive terms of up to 84 months
  • Credit Lines available
  • We can release cash equity by refinancing your existing fleet of vehicles


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Vehicle Finance

  • Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Prestige and Classic Cars
  • Buses and Coaches
  • Refrigerated Vehicles
  • Company Fleet Vehicles
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