Three’s a charm

Happy 3rd Birthday to Us!

We have hit our third birthday!!


These last twelve months have been both challenging and rewarding but we are proud to have reached another important milestone.

MD Joe Barbera:

Well, three years ago, I decided to fulfil an ambition to own my own credit brokerage.

Then Covid happened. That near two year period brought its challenges and I went into this year thinking that we could finally start to make the difference and start to grow the brand and business.

This last year has been interesting, let’s say.

We have been busier than we have ever been since inception and yet at times found ourselves trudging over finish lines due to things beyond our control like manufacturing and delivery delays. For a business that is used to turning the majority of our deals around within 3 days from start to finish then having to wait weeks or months for drawdowns, it was yet another learning curve but one we have navigated through.

The ethos is still the same; we aim to offer the best possible service and to become a long term liquidity partner for every single client we speak to.

I want to thank my lending panel for their unwavering support this year. Without lenders , we can’t lend a penny and we value every single relationship we have.
To every client and introducer we have worked with, both old and new; your support is appreciated beyond words and we will continue to do our best, allowing you to keep growing your businesses and reaching your potential.

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